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Benefits of Becoming a Democracy50 Partner


Sign up your group or organization for your own no cost grassroots web platform.


Recruit, Organize and Advocate for your causes and candidates.

Your web platform will enable you to connect, recruit members, organize, communicate publicly and privately , and be an effective grassroots activist.

People who join your group will be provided their own dashboard giving them their own tools to advocate for your causes.

Be an activist, mobilize for positive change, join Democracy50 and be the grassroots change agent in your community.  Help protect and maintain our democracy.

Signing up is easy! Just fill out the form below with the name of your group or organization, and we will send you a link to your new web platform with information to guide you on how to use the resources to build your community and advocate for your causes. Your group/organization will appear on your State’s landing page.

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