Democracy50 THINK!

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Democracy50 Think! brings together thought leaders in healthcare, jobs and economy, military and security, education, government operations, environment, global peace and other important areas to debate and develop progressive policy ideas for local, state and federal policy makers.


Think! champions discussion to advance the common good over narrow self-interests by harnessing the strength of our country’s diversity and intelligence.


Think! hosts conversations among researchers, policy makers, industry leaders and advocates that present diverse perspectives based on evidence and experience providing solutions to today’s public policy challenges.


Citizens are encouraged and enabled to become more informed and to engage in the conversation, along with our experts, about important policy issues.


Democracy50 empowers everyday citizens to engage in Think! discussions. Join in the conversation! Help shape local and nation debate. Spread new ideas through your personal networks. Challenge conservative misinformation with data and facts to help create new solutions to inform and educate policy makers. Be a part of the grassroots uprising that helps to protect and improve our democracy.

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