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From Our Chairman

Michael KatzWelcome to the Democracy50 community! If you have not yet done so, I encourage you to take just a few minutes of your time to join your Democratic community (start by going to your state page). It’s easy, and there are no commitments or requirements that you must fulfill.

Joining your community will immediately provide you no cost web tools to help you connect, recruit members, organize and communicate to be an effective grassroots activists. You will also receive up to date news and information concerning Democratic issues and activities.

Democracy50 is working hard to democratize the Democratic party by developing Democratic web-based communities in all 50 United States. We connect active Democrats with one another and link passionate individuals with causes, organizations and campaigns that need support. Our technology platform breaks down the barriers to entry to empower individuals at every level to empower individuals at every level to engage in efforts to improve our nation.

Be an activist, mobilize for positive change, join Democracy50 and be the grassroots change agent in your community that helps to protect and maintain our democracy.

Join Democracy50 today and become part of the Democratic movement!

Michael Katz

(Democracy50 is a 501(c)(4) non-profit organization that provides services at no cost to individuals and organizations)

From Our Chief Technology Officer

Neal BaillyOur advanced, easy-to-use, mobile web platform makes it simple to connect to your community and stay connected.  The Democracy50 platform runs a matching algorithm using the profile you provide to connect you to your interests.

We ask you a few basic questions about your interests and the people and activities that you want to find. We then invite you to join our community of Democrats and provide you your own Democratic activist dashboard and tools to enable you to communicate and connect with other people who share your passion and interests.

Your no cost personalize grassroots activist dashboard will provide you web tools to quickly and easily recruit, organize and advocate for important issues and candidates. It does this with integrated communications and social media, blogging, video, fundraising and the ability to connect with multiple individuals, organizations, candidates and elected officials.

The Democracy50 platform allows you to become a more effective activist without having to know someone who knows someone.  Sign up today to find opportunities to support your community.

Neal Bailly
Chief Technology Officer