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Norbert Goldfield, MD


The right to affordable health care coverage will be a defining issue in the 2018 Congressional elections and beyond. Health care ranked as the top voting issue in the recent New Jersey and Virginia gubernatorial races. Polls in other parts of the country show similar results.

Doctors, nurses and other health professionals can be a crucial factor in winning Congressional campaigns because:

  • Medical professionals have instant credibility with voters. Doctors, nurses, and other medical personnel rank at the top of any list of the most trusted professionals in our society. Tapping into that trust is a vital addition to campaign success. We will do that by targeting, motivating and organizing health professionals to get involved in key congressional elections.
  • Local hospitals and their associated medical communities are among the largest employers.

Organizing and activism directed by a candidate’s campaign manager can become critical in close elections. Building on their credibility, the group of practicing health professionals coordinated by Norbert Goldfield M.D. will provide candidates with expert messaging on affordable health care coverage and improved quality of care for all Americans. Locally based health professionals are the most effective messengers for this type of communication. Messaging will be done using “a stethoscope” approach. That is, physicians and nurses will first listen to the health care concerns of their audience. After listening to these voters, the health professional will address their concerns and outline avenues of support for the candidate’s health care platform. We will combine our “clinical stories” with whichever health care program the candidate’s campaign is endorsing. A Board of Advisors will work with AND staff to identify candidate health platforms in competitive districts.



Recruit health professionals – physicians, nurses, and professionals from throughout the country representing a range of specialties, genders and backgrounds – “on call” in your district to offer a range of volunteer services including:

  • Surrogate speaking and listening to audiences in a candidate’s district regarding whichever health care plan the candidate supports (as long as it encourages affordable health care coverage).

Ask Nurses & Doctors will:

  • Train local health professionals in a candidate’s district so they are able to speak before lay and professional audiences about how their clinical experiences support the candidate’s health care positions.
  • Maximize success for local health professional efforts to communicate with broader audiences including writing op-ed pieces, creating YouTube videos and other forms of social media.
  • Provide ongoing consulting for candidates and local health professionals (in person or preparing written and other communications) with the aim of providing maximum visibility of health professionals in the campaign.

Nationally recognized experts in writing, video messaging and social media will assist Dr. Goldfield in his efforts.

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