Data Policy

Democracy50 collects and stores information on behalf of its members to support on-line community features, functions, and activities on the platform.  The information we collect is used solely and specifically for its intended purpose, and is not shared or circulated beyond a member's own communities on the platform. 

Data Collection

The information we collect includes:

1) New Member Registration

We request new members provide a first name, email address, and zip code. 

  • We use a member’s first name to identify and brand the user's personal community page. 
  • We use a member’s email address to verify membership, and to send system messages such as password resets and cancellation confirmations. 
  • We use a member’s zip code zip code to establish the state and local area of residence for that member, so we can provide an accurate list of local and state organization and individual communities that the member may want to join.  

Members may also tell us who they are (by selecting from a predetermined list of types of users), and how they want to connect to communities on the platform (by selecting from a predetermined list of platform offerings).

Based on who a member is and how he or she wants to connect on the platform, a member may also answer a few additional questions about what he or she wants to do so we can better serve his or her needs.  For instance, if a member is looking to recruit people for a campaign we will ask about the campaign, whether he or she is running for local, state or national office, what types of people he or she wants to recruit (specializations, experience level), and how what types of services the member needs.

For new membership, all registration information given is optional and voluntary.

2) Member Profiles

A member may choose to provide additional information about him or herself, including his or her full name, organizational affiliation, professional title, biography, Facebook page, Twitter page, LinkedIn page, phone number, and address,  More complete member profiles allow people in the member's communities to learn more about the individual.

In addition, a member may also choose to complete a longer survey about his or her interests, skills, and goals.  This survey information serves to better inform people in the member's communities about the individual, and allows the Democracy50 software algorithms to provide  meaningful connection opportunities to the member.

Profile information is only shared within a member’s communities, and a member can control which information in his or her profile is shared with which individuals and groups.

3) Uploaded Contacts & Member Communities

A member can upload a list of contacts to build his or her own community.  Any contacts uploaded by a member are added solely to the member's own community.

Each contact in the list is sent a welcome email from the member’s community inviting them to register on Democracy50 and engage with the member.

Each contact or member of an individual's community will receive the member’s blog posts and messages.  Contacts who have been added to a member's community can cancel his or her membership to that community at any time.

4) Member Pages, Blogs and Posts

A member can post messages and blog pages using editorial tools on his or her own community dashboard.  We store and serve the content of these posts on behalf of the member.

When posts are published they are placed on the member's community page and sent to individuals within the member's community via email, text messaging, and social networking.

A member can choose to remove posts from his or her community page at any time, but messages sent by email, text messaging, and social networking can not be retracted once sent.

5) Member Comments

A member can comment on posts made by other members.  We store the comments, unless they are removed.  A member can remove his or her own comments from any post, and comments made by others on his or her own posts.

Data Sharing

1) No Personal Information Shared Outside of Democracy50 Communities.

All personal information collected on the Democracy50 platform remains on the Democracy50 platform and is not shared with any third parties, regardless of affiliation or involvement with Democracy50.

We have no data sharing agreements with any organizations or groups, and are adamant about protecting and safe guarding our users personal information from outside interests.

2) No Personal Information Shared Inside Democracy50 Communities Without Specific Member Consent.

Information contributed by an individual member about him or herself is strictly controlled by the member.  Only when a member chooses explicitly to join a community on Democracy50 is the individual's information shared with that community.

No communities or individuals can access, mine, or otherwise obtain information on members who have not purposefully and explicitly joined their community.

A member may also limit, reject, or cancel the membership of any members of his or her own community, at any time. 

3) Community Pages, Blog Posts and Comments

The only content that is shared publicly with users outside of a members own communities are community pages, blog posts, and comments.

The nature of these types of pages and posts is to be shared publicly, so members who create and publish community pages, add blog posts, and who add public comments on other members' pages can expect that this content will be shared with the public.  

Data Protection

We understand the risks involved in storing members' personal information on the Internet, and have made a strong commitment to ensuring the information is protected.

Our security infrastructure includes:

1) Physical Data Centers

All of Democracy50's database and web origin servers are located in physical data centers.  Democracy50 uses the cloud for caching publicly available pages only, and does not store any personal information in the cloud.  Cloud cached pages include anonymous, publicly available pages only.  Member's personal information is not cached in the cloud.  When a member is signed in to Democracy50, the personal information he or she can access is stored only on servers in our physical data centers.

2) High Security Buildings with Security Guards

Our data centers are Tier1 facilities in highly secure buildings manned by security guards.

3) Electronically Monitored Facilities

Our data centers have sophisticated monitoring capabilities, including biometric access systems and surveillance cameras. 

4) Locked Cabinets

All of the physical equipment used by Democracy50 in secure data centers is locked behind cabinets, and accessible by key or code only authorized personnel.

5) Physical Dedicated Servers

All of the server equipment used by Democracy50 is dedicated equipment and not shared with other systems, companies or individuals.

6) State-of-the-Art Firewalls

Democracy50 equipment is protected by advanced, state-of-the-art firewalls.  Regular penetration testing is performed to ensure that no unauthorized entry points exist.

7) Segmented Networks

The networks used to pass data between server clusters in our data centers are private networks with private IP address that can not be accessed by other tenants of the data center or anyone on a public network.